Learn Japanese Words

If your native language is English or a Latin-based language and you would like to learn the Japanese language, you may find that it will be easiest if you begin to learn Japanese words with common phrases.  When you start off with some simple phrases and words and then you practice them on a regular basis, then you will have some idea about how the words are pronounced in this language. As a result, it will make your learning easier.

You can start off by learning the common Japanese greetings that the Japanese people use when they greet other people in the street, home, office or school. For instance, if you want to greet someone in the beginning of the day you should say ‘ohayo gozaimasu’, pronounced “O-HI-O GO-ZEYE-MAS”. This means ‘good morning’ in the Japanese language.  If you want to greet someone at the later part of the day then you can say ‘konichi wa’, pronounced “KO-NEE-CHEE-WAH”, and this means ‘good day’.  If you wish to greet someone good evening then you can say ‘konban wa’, pronounced “KO-BAHN-WAH”.

For the purpose of learning a new language, it is important that you are familiar with the vocabulary of the language and the same thing applies to the Japanese language. The more knowledge you have on the Japanese vocabulary, the easier it will be for you to learn Japanese words and speak the language fluently. You should know that the verbs of this language only have present tense and past tense.  Moreover, these are quite easy to learn.  Fortunately, this language is not like the languages that are based on Latin where you will need to learn the genders connected with the various nouns.

When you learn Japanese words and wish to include certain words in these phrases, you should make sure that you know where these words should be placed.  Unlike the Latin-based languages, the placement of words in the Japanese language is different.  When it comes to the English language, I am sure you know that the word order is in the subject-verb-object.  But, the Japanese language word order is not the same, as it is subject-object-verb.

As you read through this article, you saw some words and our attempt to show you how to pronounce them, but it was probably hard to know precisely how to say them, as they are quite different from English words.  This is a good example of why learning Japanese words from a book is next to impossible.  A better way to learn is using a program with audio files, so not only can you see the words, you can hear them, too.   Fortunately, there are some great Japanese language software programs available, such as Rocket Japanese, that are relatively inexpensive and include audio files in addition to text, videos, and even games!  Learning the Japanese language can be fun, unlike struggling through a book as we’ve shown above.  So, let the learning and fun begin!

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