Japanese Language Software

If you are interested in learning the Japanese language, there are several different learning methods that you can opt for. Years ago the only options were taking courses at a school or college, hiring a private tutor, reading books, or immersing yourself in the language by living in Japan. 

Then some basic Japanese language software hit the market, but it had its drawbacks, especially in the audio aspect.  Fortunately, in the past few years some great Japanese language software programs have been created that far surpass the earlier versions.

There are many benefits to learning the language through Japanese language software, including cost, convenience, and effectiveness.

Cost: The cost of certain Japanese language software is less than the cost of two or three hours of private tutoring, and less than a course at a college.  Programs such as Rocket Japanese include over multiple hours of audio lessons, in addition to videos, games, and other activities.  To receive so much instruction at a college would require multiple semesters, and with breaks between semesters it could take you well over a year for the beginning lessons.

Convenience: If you decide today to begin studying Japanese, you can download the Japanese language software onto your computer minutes from now.  But, if you want to take a class at a college you may have to wait months until the next semester starts.  With the Japanese software on your computer you can take a lesson any time of the day or night, and as often as you would like.

With the Japanese language software on your computer you don’t need to worry if you can’t make it to class because of other obligations or the weather.  You also don’t need to wait a week between classes or tutoring sessions.  And if you have a question, you have access to online learners forums and to Japanese teachers via email.  Or you can just find the answer in the many resources available to you through the Japanese software.

Effectiveness: Earlier software versions could not effectively teach you how to pronounce the words, as the audio components were not available.  So at that time, interactive classes and tutoring were more effective methods.  However, several current Japanese language software programs have audio lessons, plus language games and videos.  So in addition to having audio interaction as you would in a class, the Japanese software is more effective as it keeps your motivation and interest high.

Sitting in a classroom with a book and notes, either trying to keep up with the other students or waiting for the other students to keep up with you is not as effective as going at your own pace and being able to immerse yourself in the information.  Not to mention, in a classroom setting you are taught one way, whereas with the Japanese software you are able to switch from one method of learning (audio lessons, games, or videos) to keep the lessons fun and interesting.

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